Blog: Effective food branding and packaging

You can only make a first impression once. This is what effective and original packaging is about. Distinctive and attractive packaging influences purchase decisions, informs your audience and reflects your brand.

A recent study shows how packaging and branding affect the way consumers trust the product. Your packaging contributes to brand recognition and loyalty, reflects your brand and is your first opportunity to stand out from your competitors. Whether it’s on an online web shop or in a retail environment, eye-catching and effective packaging attracts potential consumers to your products, and ultimately drive business results.

Trust in a product is 67% created by the brand and 39% through the packaging. Factors, such as the healthiness of the product and the ingredients used, also play an important role in choosing a product. 76% of people check the ingredients on the packaging, and 51% look at the origins of the product. How natural the food looks is evaluated by 76% of customers and 42% seek specific trustworthy claims. All these factors need to be kept in mind when designing a food brand and packaging.

We have worked on a selection of food packing projects such as Rhino, a malt beer for the Sudanese market, and a tasty fruit juice for Masafi. The new packaging for Rhino contributed to a whopping 30% market share within the first quarter after its launch and has continuously grown since.

This blog is written by Philip Freeke.

Skyne is responsible for a variety of successful and remarkable food branding and packaging projects, including Rhino in South Sudan, Masafi Rice in the UAE, Masafi Fruit Juice in the UAE and Kunuz in Saudi Arabia.