Blog: Restaurant Brand Experience

How to attract customers to your restaurant?
Restaurants are an extremely competitive business and attracting new customers is always a challenge. For instance, Dubai is a highly competitive market, with approximately 2862 restaurants in the city. Customers usually tend to stick with restaurants they know and like, but at the same time many people are interested in trying out new places. Successful restaurant owners know that diners enjoy a combination of value with a unique experience. By offering a value deal, they attract new customers to their restaurant and by having a unique dining experience they make sure customers remember their place and talk about it. The word-of-mouth is still one of the strongest form of marketing.

Take a look at these 4 remarkable restaurant experiences that stand out from the crowd:


1. El Diablo restaurant in Spain offers cooking your food over an active volcano
This Spanish restaurant offers a unique experience to have your food prepared on hot vapor, which rises through a hole in the ground to brown the food placed over it on a cast iron grill.


2. Madeleines Madteater offers visitors dinner and a show
Located in Denmark it is a unique and unusual culinary experience with experimental theatrics thrown in to heighten one’s experience with the subject – food. Depending on the theme, the diners have no choice but to get involved.


3. Kinderkookkafé: The restaurant run by kids
Kinderkookkafé is a family restaurant in Amsterdam that is run entirely by children: They cook, serve, bring the bill and wash up, all with a little help from the friendly grown-up staff, of course.


4. Pay as you please restaurant
Located in Killarney, Ireland ‘Pay as You Please’ is a unique restaurant where customers pay what they believe is a fair price for their food. They aim to give every customer a unique experience to take away by giving the best, fresh food, fun chilled out service, eclectic, eccentric and artistic interior.

This blog is written by Arjen Bemmelmans, Marketing & Strategy Manager and Hanadie Zondervan- Sheikh, Commercial Director at Skyne.

Skyne is responsible for a variety of successful and remarkable hospitality and restaurant experiences, including Jumeirah’s Mundo in Dubai, Ozone Café in Khartoum, Randstad Lounge in Amsterdam and Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam.