Project spotlight: Yachts and Friends

From time to time we shine a spotlight on some of our most exciting projects from the years gone by. We consider ourselves highly privileged to have had the opportunity to work with such distinctive companies and are extremely proud of all that we have accomplished together.

Yachts & Friends
Branding a holiday experience on a yacht

The successful company Yacht Week provides sailing holidays with or without skipper in various destinations to groups of friends. They were looking to add a new concept to their portfolio for people who are out-grown the Yacht Week concept called Yachts and Friends. “How can we attract a new target audience and the Yacht Week audience who now have kids” was the briefing from our client.

Skyne developed a brand proposition based on the aspirational image associated with sailing and the holiday experience Yachts and Friends offers; explorative yet relaxed. This proposition appeals to the entire family from the younger to the older generations. The identity and digital activation reflects the positioning by portraying the pure character of the sea combined with classic nautical elements.

The brand Yachts and Friends is now a well known name for the sailing enthusiasts. The concept is expanding to new destinations every season and attracting families with and without sailing experience. Feedback from customers learned us that the positioning was spot on, and most importantly: the financial results are beyond expectations.