Kayishha is shaping the future of selling used cars in KSA

Kayishha is a new venture between sellanycar.com (parent company) and Saudi Wealth Fund, PIF.

Kayishha is a professional car-buying platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where you can sell your car in a quick and hassle-free manner. It is the most reliable car buying service in major cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and helps car sellers getting the right price for their used cars by taking them through a well-designed car selling process.


A few months back, Sellanycar.com approached Skyne to help them with the creation of a new brand for the Saudi market. The project scope included the development of a new brand name based on research, new brand identity and the wireframes, UI & UX and design of the new website.

Kick-start of the project was on the ground research, executing focus groups to understand the needs, desires and behaviour of the Saudi target audience. We analyzed the trends and developments in the local market and benchmarked potential competitors from a branding and marketing perspective.

After setting the right strategic decision to position the new brand in the KSA market firmly, we started with the naming process to determine a proper name that emotionally connects with the target audience. One of the key findings of the research exercise was that the target group between 18 and 35 years old, is using their own local ‘slang’. Based on this insight, we developed different naming options linked to these criteria. We immediately had one favourite name; Kayishha, that means cash your car.

The next step was to develop an outstanding and effective brand identity that aligns with the executed research. Skyne created the brand identity for Kayishha focusing on a young, hip, vibrant and digital brand character.


It was essential to support the brand identity with a user-friendly website that reflects the differentiators, brand positioning and has all the features to inform and engage with the visitor. We started with researching the best trends for UI and UX in the market and created the sitemap, wireframes, UI and UX and the concept design of the website. Based on the concept, we developed an interactive, user-friendly and responsive website design for Kayishha.

The brand launched last week, and owner Saygin Yalcin expects that the brand will be twice as big in Saudi Arabia in the next 18 months in comparison with Sellanycar.com.