Five lessons we took away from the -ING Creatives Festival

This past weekend members of the Skyne team had the incredible experience of attending the 4th edition of the –ING Creatives Festival. Here is a list of five lessons we took away from the three-day event:

  1. How to spark your creativity even if you are restricted within a box; or as Ingrid Chou, the Associate Creative Director at Museum of Modern Arts, brilliantly pointed out “boxed in within a font”. The leaving thought here being to turn your limitations into your strengths.
  2. Why getting out of your comfort zone is so critical to experiencing life to its fullest and the unabated importance of local content in creativity. Both of these ideas were purported by Joshua Breidenbach from Rice Creative, who packed up his bags and decided to move to Vietnam from the USA in order to challenge himself, and in the process managed to promote local Vietnamese artisans and producers.
  3. The age-old creative question of how to get your client to understand the reasoning and logic behind your striking designs was answered by the most unlikely of companies; IBM. Its designer, Dough Powell, reached upon this solution when he enabled the engineers at IBM to become a part of the creative process. The results were astounding: the engineers began to see why design matters and its overall impact on an end product.
  4. The power of ‘how you present over what you present’ was unequivocally showcased by the founder of Studio Blup, Dines Wilkins. By utilizing a combination of passion, creativity and confidence, a mundane presentation can be turned into a memorable experience for both your audiences and your clients.
  5. Lastly, the importance of giving back to the local community and creating a platform for positivity was highlighted by David Habchy from Studio Kawakeb. By offering an arts space and free workshops to the local budding designers, David ensures an enabling culture that leads to the growth of creativity in the society at large.