Brand creation for an Emirati fashion start-up

Two very enthusiastic fresh graduates approached us to help them to develop a t-shirt brand, with the name Zero Limit. The name of the brand is linked to having no limits or boundaries in your daily life, giving you the possibility to push your boundaries. The name was the only asset of the company when we started the collaboration. We had the opportunity to create the brand from scratch and advise Zero Limit based on crucial market research related to their target audience. Where is the potential in the market? We concluded to focus on young females with an active lifestyle. To develop a casual t-shirt brand for this specific group, a t-shirt that they want and can wear all day long. A t-shirt that makes the target audience happy.

Project scope


Brand research

Brand strategy

Brand identity

Creative idea

The absence of limits provided us with infinite possibilities, and the concept of infinity was the differentiating factor in our brand identity development. The well-known infinity loop is abstracted even more and fused with the number zero found in the brand name. The visual representation of this concept is a unique icon with multiple connotations, the fact that there are no limits or boundaries and therefore, unlimited possibilities, which makes the wearer, literally unbound. The concept links with the brand values like; freedom, courage and curiosity, which are characterized in the brand identity through abstract representations of bright horizons which are waiting to be explored by the free, the curious and the courageous among us.



We created a t-shirt brand to inspire, empower and equip young women to step up their game and unlock their limitless potential towards becoming the best version of themselves. As we speak, the e-commerce website is under development, and the brand will be launched after summer. Skyne will continue to advise our partner Zero Limit during and after the launch to make sure that their business will grow step by step.