Turning SAIF Zone into the ideal business hub to collaborate, grow and prosper in the region

SAIF Zone is a free zone in Sharjah and was looking to find a solution to attract more companies to establish themselves in their jurisdiction. Skyne was requested to help position SAIF Zone better. Working together, we developed a brand strategy and new brand identity that differentiates SAIF Zone from its competitors and turned SAIF Zone into a more attractive location to incorporate. Besides this, new initiatives like Women in Business and Business Connect were launched to serve the target audience better.

SAIF Zone (Sharjah Airport International Free Zone)

Set SAIF Zone apart from the competition and attract more companies to the free zone

Increased interest of companies looking to collaborate and establish themselves in SAIF Zone. Clear aligned internal understanding amongst all employees about how to present SAIF Zone and accomplish its vision


Branding a destination to start your business

Although SAIF Zone is a well established free zone in the UAE, a crowded market place with many competitors with similar offerings, Skyne recognized opportunities to turn it into a more attractive location to establish companies. Skyne developed a powerful brand strategy, positioning and clear principle \'where businesses connect & grow\' which guides all designs, behaviors and decisions when creating the brand experience. The guiding principle is based on the target audience\'s behavior and identified opportunities to stand out as a free zone.

The free zone in Sharjah to set up and grow your business


Translating \'where businesses connect & grow\' into a brand identity

After establishing the unique characteristics and reasons for SAIF Zone to be the preferred free zone to set up a company, we created a visual style that communicates these qualities. What sets SAIF Zone apart is transcended in every design we created. The brand identity including all collaterals and guidelines was further implemented in communication tools such as their stationery, signage and way-finding, sub-brands, collaterals, brand guidelines and of course the website.

SAIF Zone promises to be where businesses connect & grow


How we helped SAIF Zone attract more companies


Research & Analysis

Market scan
Target audience research
Stakeholder research
Customer journey mapping
Brand opportunities


Strategy & Story

Brand strategy
Brand positioning
Brand story
Central message
Guiding principle


Concept & Design

Brand identity design
Brand collateral design
Communication tools design
Signage & wayfinding
Website design
Corporate movie
Brand guidelines


Implementation & Activation

Project management
Collateral and signage production
Website development

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