Welcome to another new team member!

We are happy to welcome Ingeborg Bruinewoud as the new member of our strategy team.

As a strategist Ingeborg has a little obsession with the future; a focus on trend and futures research, design thinking and scenario planning. It’s that future mindedness that lured her to Dubai and eventually to Skyne: “I like the general innovative ‘can-do mentality’ in the UAE. People in Europe brainstorm about the future, Dubai is creating it. The visionaries-approach Skyne is striving for turned out to be a perfect match with my skills. The open and down to earth Skyne-vibe feels like coming home. In my new position I hope to inspire brands to become more future-conscious and to innovate future-proof. Whether it be with trend reports, workshops, advice or a lecture on the future of …; I love to give others a peek into (their) possible futures.

As a trend/futures researcher I never have a day off. My mind and radar are always on to spot new developments and signals of change. When I’m not lost online for new discoveries, I love to surf some offline waves. Or get lost while wandering the world. When not outdoors I prefer to stay inside for geeky science fiction movies and series. All things that keep me loaded with future stuff of course.”

Ingeborg has years of experience in the Netherlands working at several agencies, but also as a freelancer and as lecturer futures research at the university.